Three Egyptian Faience Amulets: Sons of Horus

Three ancient Egyptian faience amulets representing three of the four sons of Horus: Duamutef (jackal head), Quebsenuef (falcon head), and Imsety (human head).

Late Period,
Ca. 700 - 30 BC.
Maximum height: 2 in. (5 cm).

The four sons of Horus (Imsety, Hapy, Duamutef, and Quebsenuef) were responsible for preserving the vital organs of the deceased in the Afterlife. Each of the four was charged with protecting a certain organ, Duamutef – the stomach; Imsety – the liver; Hapy – the lungs; and Quebsenuef – the intestines. They were usually represented on the lids of four canopic jars that accompanied the mummified bodies.

Formerly in a New York private collection.
Inv#: 7865
Guaranteed Authentic


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