Egyptian Feldspar Writing Tablet Amulet

An ancient Egyptian green feldspar amulet in the form of a writing tablet with a papyrus scepter or wadj on the back.

Late Period,
Ca. 700-30 BC.
Height: 19 mm.

Feldspar, mined in the Libyan desert, was one of the six stones most prized by the ancient Egyptians. It’s green color made it symbolic of life. Feldspar was specifically the preferred medium for scribal amulets.

cf.: C. Andrews, Amulets of Ancient Egypt, (Texas, 1994), p. 82. no. 83, p. 98, no. 99.
Formerly in the collection of Luigi Vassali, (1812-1887), Italy, gift of Horace L. Mayer Tomfa.
Inv#: 5507
Guaranteed Authentic


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