Roman Turquoise Glass Cameo of Cupid
Roman Gold and Garnet Ring
Roman Gold, Garnet, and Pearl Earrings
Roman Gold, Sardonyx, Carnelian, and Amethyst Necklace
Roman Gold Ring: Carnelian Intaglio of Mercury
Roman Gold Earring Pendant Necklace
Roman Crystal Cube Necklace
Roman Gold and Garnet Pendant Necklace
Roman Gold Child’s Ring: Scorpion
Roman Gold Ring: Jasper Intaglio of Pegasus
Roman Gold Ring: Carnelian Intaglio of Asclepius
Roman Agate Intaglio of an Eagle
Roman Red Jasper Intaglio of a Horse
Roman Glass Bead Necklace
Roman Agate Intaglio of a Deer
Roman Silver Wedding Ring

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