Greek Terracotta Woman of Fashion

An ancient Hellenistic Greek terracotta statuette of a fashionable woman standing with her thick himation pulled up over her head and draped over a long chiton.

Ca. 3rd century BC.
Height: 5 1/4 in. (13 cm).

Terracotta statuettes depicting ancient Greek women in fine dress became especially popular during the Hellenistic period. Workshops at Tanagra in Boeotia, and at Rhodes, and Alexandria produced a great many finely modeled and painted examples of fashionable women.

cf.: L. Burn & R. Higgins, Catalogue of Greek Terracottas in the British Museum, Vol. III, (London, 2001), no. 2046.
Formerly in an English private collection.
Inv#: 5513
Guaranteed Authentic


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