Greek Terracotta Doll

Part of the upper body and left arm of an ancient Greek terracotta female jointed doll. She wears a coiled upper arm band and bracelet.

Ca. 5th century BC.
Height: 3 5/8 in. (9.2 cm).

Figurines with jointed or moveable limbs were common in the Greek and Roman world during all periods. Their legs, arms, and sometimes even heads were made separately and attached to the body after firing.

cf.: Detroit Institute of Arts, inv. no. 24.129.1; British Museum, inv. no. 1856,1001.63; L. Burn & R. Higgins, Catalogue of Greek Terracottas in the British Museum, Vol. III, (London, 2001), no. 2280.
Formerly in a French private collection.
Inv#: 7385
Guaranteed Authentic


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