Roman Carnelian Intaglio of Apollo

An ancient Roman carnelian gem carved with an intaglio image of Apollo standing with drapery around the lower torso next to a tripod and holding a lyre.

Ca. 2nd - 3rd century AD.
Dimensions: 22 x 11 x 2 mm.

Apollo was one of the most important Olympian gods in the Classical pantheon. His spheres of influence included music, prophecy, poetry, and light. He was both harbinger and curer of disease. He was the father of the god of medicine, Asclepius, and the brother of the virgin huntress Artemis. The god Hermes created the lyre for Apollo, and the instrument was his most common attribute. Hymns sung to Apollo were called paeans.

cf.: British Museum, London, museum no. 1923,0401.388.
Formerly in the M. C. collection, London; subsequently in the R. T. collection, London, 1970s.
Inv#: 7763
Guaranteed Authentic


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