Lambayeque Whistling Vessel with a Bat

A Pre-Columbian Lambayeque whistling vessel with a fruit bat on a Pacae fruit, with a single spout bridge handle over a crescent shaped Amazonian Pacae fruit (related to mangoes and guavas). The fruit bat stands on the upper edge of the vessel which is decorated with orange slip on buff ceramic with details in black octopus ink. The whistle is behind the bat by the handle.

Peru, Sican.
Ca. 800 - 1100 AD.
Height: 8 in. (20.3 cm).

The bat is a rare image to find in ceramics, especially in Moche and Lambayeque societies. Bats were highly revered because they were nocturnal and lived in caves which were portals to the spiritual world. The fruit bat has an extremely good sense of smell and sight and sharp teeth to open the tough skin of fruits.

Formerly in a New York private collection.
Inv#: 7299
Guaranteed Authentic


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