Etruscan Bronze Herakles

An ancient Etruscan bronze statuette of Herakles. He stands nude, draped in the skin of the Nemean Lion, with the lion’s head over his, the paws tied around his neck and the pelt over his left arm. In his right hand he once held his club, in his left a bow.

Etruria, Northern Italy.
Ca. 4th - 3rd century BC.
Height: 3 3/8 in. (8.5 cm).

The Greek hero Herakles (Etruscan: Hercle) was a popular subject in Etruscan art and religion. He was worshipped in numerous Etruscan sanctuaries, and often functioned as an oracular and healing god.

cf.: J. Paul Getty Museum, object no. 96.AB.36.
Formerly in a Swiss private collection, acquired in 1963; subsequently with Donna Jacobs Gallery, Birmingham, Michigan, 1990.
Inv#: 7710
Guaranteed Authentic


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