Villanovan Bronze Spear Blade

An ancient Villanovan socketed bronze spear blade with a faceted tapering shaft pierced on either side.

Ca. 8th - 7th century BC.
Height: 8 1/8 in. (20.5 cm).

Bronze spearheads of similar shape have been found in Villanovan tombs, where they may have had a symbolic function. The deposition of arms and armor in graves may have symbolized the high social status of the deceased, usually a male, perhaps as a member of the warrior elite.

cf.: H. Hencken, Tarquinia, Villanovans and Early Etruscans, Peabody Museum, (Cambridge, 1968), figs. 162, 176, 180.
Formerly in a Canadian private collection.
Inv#: 7814
Guaranteed Authentic


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