Egyptian Granite Lidded Kohl Vessel

An ancient Egyptian granite kohl vessel with a disk shaped rim and lid.

Old Kingdom,
Ca. 2575 - 2134 BC.
Height: 2 1/2 in. (6.4 cm).

Black galena (lead sulfide) based kohl (Egyptian: mesmedet) was not only used for beauty but also for religious, symbolic, and practical reasons as it worked as a natural disinfectant and protected the eyes from the bright sunlight.

Formerly in the H. and B. Marko collection, Michigan.
Exhibited: The Detroit Institute of Arts, The Marko Collection: Antiquities, March - May 1990.
Published: W. H. Peck and P. Slough, The Marko Collection: Antiquities, (Detroit, 1990), no. 8.
Inv#: 8107
Guaranteed Authentic


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