Egyptian Faience Lion-Headed Taweris

An ancient Egyptian large faience statuette of the hippopotamus goddess Taweris. She stands, lion headed with human arms holding the ‘Sa’ sign before her, meaning, “protection of young life.”

Late Period,
Ca. 700 - 30 BC.
Height: 3 7/8 in. (10 cm).

Taweris (Taweret or Thoueris) was a popular protective domestic deity. She was thought to protect pregnant women and assist women in labor. In her apotropaic function as night time guardian she was often found in the company of the dwarf god Bes. She was generally depicted as part woman part hippopotamus, with sagging breasts, a swollen belly, human arms, lions paws, and the head of a hippopotamus.

Formerly in a New York private collection, acquired in Belgium in 1983.
Inv#: 7901
Guaranteed Authentic


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