Egyptian Faience Amulet of Sekhmet

A large ancient Egyptian light blue faience amulet of Sekhmet, the lion headed goddess holds a papyrus scepter; she wears a uraeus and solar disk above the head, with a suspension loop on the back pillar.

Late Dynastic Period,
Ca. 664 - 332 BC.
Height: 4 3/4 in. (11.8 cm).

Sekhmet was a warrior goddess of Upper Egypt depicted as a lioness. She was also a solar deity, and was associated with different aspects of Hathor, Mut, and Bastet. She often wears a solar disk headdress, and uraeus which associates her with Wadjet and royalty.

Formerly in a New York private collection, previously in a Dutch private collection.
Exhibited: The Mystery of the Albany Mummies, Albany Institute of History & Art, New York, 2013 - 2014
Published: J. Eisenberg, Art of the Ancient World, vol. XXVI, (2016), no. 242.
Inv#: 7888
Guaranteed Authentic


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