Roman Terracotta Woman Head Rattle

An ancient Roman terracotta rattle in the form of a female head with a very elaborate coiffure with pierced ears.

Alexandria, Egypt.
Ca. 1st - 2nd century AD.
Height: 2 1/8 in. (7 cm).

Female “coiffure-heads” are devised hairstyles which copy the changing fashions of the imperial Roman court, from the end of the 1st – 2nd century AD. The holes in the ears and hair-area were presumably intended for earrings and hair-pins of metal. It has been suggested that the heads existed as a kind of fashion catalogue of the hairstyles in Rome, consulted by the fashion-conscious among the women of the Egyptian population. Most probably, they were used for cult purposes, as offerings in the form of idealized self-portraits, or as substitutes for hair-offerings to a goddess.

Formerly in an Edinburgh, Scotland private collection.
Inv#: 8458
Guaranteed Authentic


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