Roman Terra Sigillata Mold: Gladiators

An ancient Roman pottery mold for making terra sigillata pottery. The upper register shows a togate trainer behind a Thrax gladiator who advances at another gladiator. The lower register depicts a baboon and a canine.

From La Grafanesque, France.
Ca. 1st century AD.
Height: 3 3/4 in. (9.5 cm).

Terra Sigillata was initially an Italian ware, but in the first century AD production shifted to Gaul and later to the colonies along the German frontier.La Graufesenque (Aveyron), on the outskirts of Millau in southern France was a major center of Terra Sigillata production from the first century to the end of the second century AD.

Formerly in the D. M. collection, Brussels, Belgium since the 1980's.
Inv#: 6336
Guaranteed Authentic


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