Neolithic Vinca Terracotta Head

An ancient Neolithic Vinca large terracotta head of abstract form with raised arching eyes and inverted triangular chin, a row of perforated holes at the back of the head, likely once for attachment of ‘hair.’

Vinca Culture, Balkans.
Ca. 5000 - 4000 BC.
Height: 3 1/8 in. (7.9 cm).

The Vinca Culture derives its name from the modern village of Vinca, located on the banks of Danube, near Belgrade, where one of the largest and most significant prehistoric Neolithic settlements in Europe was discovered in 1908. The vast majority of Vinca figures represent women and animals.

Formerly in an old Serbian private collection; subsequently in an Austrian private collection.
Inv#: 8147
Guaranteed Authentic


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