Moche Stirrup Vessel: Tadpole

A Pre-Columbian Moche stirrup spouted red-ware vessel in the form of a tadpole crouching on a rectangular base and holding a large sphere to the chest. The tadpole is identified by the gullet under the mouth and long tail. There are highlights in buff slip over the eyes, on the gills and nostrils, and under the mouth.

Peru, north coast.
Ca. 100 - 300 AD.
Height: 8 in. (20.3 cm).

Moche civilization was centered in northern Peru where it flourished from 100 to 800 AD. Moche society was agricultural, with a great deal of effort expended on impressive irrigation works and massive public architecture. The Moche are particularly noted for their achievements in art, especially their elaborately painted ceramics, which depicted a wide variety of motifs and scenes from daily life with great skill.

Formerly in a private Connecticut collection prior to 1970s.
Inv#: 7670
Guaranteed Authentic


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