Maya Polychrome Vase

A Pre-Columbian Mayan Tepeu I style cylindrical vase with a red band of glyphs on the upper rim, with two large figures of lords with offerings of elaborate headdresses before them.

Ca. 650 - 950 AD.
Height: 7 3/4 in. (19.7 cm).

The Maya were the dominant culture in Meso-America between the 3rd century BC and the end of the first millennium AD. Their architecture and art are of the finest found in Pre-Columbian America. Their highly developed pottery industry produced a wide variety of vase forms that varied widely in their decorative motifs and functions.

Formerly in the Hiroshi Miura collection, Tokyo prior to 1969.
Exhibited: MIHO Museum - Osaka, Japan, July 2011.
Inv#: 8363
Guaranteed Authentic


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