Greek Core-Formed Glass Aryballos

An ancient Greek core-formed glass aryballos of dark blue glass decorated with light blue and zig-zags and yellow bands and handles.

Ca. late 6th - 5th century BC.
Height: 2 1/2 in. (6.3 cm).

Core-formed glass was produced in the ancient Mediterranean between the 6th and 1st centuries BC. The manufacture of a core-formed vessel was relatively simple. A core of organic and inorganic materials, probably a mixture of clay and an organic binder, was made in the shape of the vessel’s interior. This was attached to the end of a rod, which was then dipped into molten glass. To finish the vessel after the glass had cooled, the core materials were removed from the interior.

Formerly in the collection of Artemis A. W. Joukowsky (1930-2020) and Dr. Martha Sharp Joukowsky (1936-2022), Providence, Rhode Island.
Exhibited: Providence, List Art Center, Brown University, Love for Antiquity: Selections from the Joukowsky Collection, 12 October -8 November 1985.
Published: T. Hackens & R. Winkes, eds., Love for Antiquity: Selections from the Joukowsky Collection, Louvian-la-Neuve, (1985), pp. 37-38, no. 24.
Inv#: 8913
Guaranteed Authentic


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