Greek Bronze Pilos Helmet

An ancient Greek bronze helmet of thepilos type, of conical form with a carinated upper section.

Ca. 550 - 480 BC.
8 in. (20.2 cm).

The Pilos (pilos) helmet, takes its name from the felt shepherd’s cap whose form it replicates. This helmet type came into use during the later Peloponnesian War, replacing earlier more closed and restrictive forms like the Corinthian type. The Pilos was especially favored among Macedonian cavalrymen of the 4th century BC. The helmet appears prominently on Macedonian coinage of Alexander the Great and his successors.

Formerly in a Connecticut private collection.
Published: R. Hixenbaugh and A. Valdman, Ancient Greek Helmets: a Complete Guide and Catalog, 2019, cat. no. H197.
Inv#: 8907
Guaranteed Authentic

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