Etruscan Bucchero Skyphos

An ancient Etruscan bucchero chalice with a pedestal foot, lateral handles and incised bands around the body.

Ca. 650 - 550 BC.
Height: 6 in. (15.5 cm).

Bucchero ware was the distinct local pottery type of ancient Etruria. It is distinguished by its delicately potted black earthen fabric as well as its glossy, burnished black surface, often with incision work. Bucchero ware was produced through the unique “reduction” method in which it was fired.

cf.: The World of the Etruscans; The Bowers Museum of Cultural Art; p. 79; 124
Formerly in the F. & H. Schwitter-Lagutt collection, Basel, Switzerland, acquired prior to 1971.On loan to the Antikenmuseum, Basel, 1971 - 2022.
Inv#: 8464
Guaranteed Authentic


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