Egyptian Bronze Harpokrates

An ancient Egyptian bronze statuette of the god Harpokrates. The child god is nude, seated and pointing his right forefinger to his mouth, his feet resting on a trapezoidal foot-stool. He wears the nemes-head cloth with uraeus, diadem, and fragmentary hemhem crown.

30th Dynasty to Ptolemaic Period,
Ca. 380 - 30 BC.
Height: 5 1/2 in. (14 cm).

Harpokrates, the infant son of Isis and Horus was a symbol of youth and fertility. He was essentially a patron deity of childhood, especially popular in the Late Period.

Formerly in the William H. and Lily F. Diehl collection, New York, acquired in 1947, most probably from Maguid Sameda, 55 Sharia Ibrahim Pasha, Cairo; subsequently in the Walter H. (1920-1981) and Martha W. Diehl collection; American private collection by descent.
Inv#: 6601
Guaranteed Authentic


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