Egyptian Bronze Amulet of Min

An ancient Egyptian bronze amulet of Min. The god is depicted standing mummiform, his left hand holding his erect phallus, and his right holding a flail. He wears a low crown surmounted by tall plumes.

Late Period,
Ca. 700 - 30 BC.
Height: 1 7/8 in. (4.8 cm).

The ithyphallic deity Min was, from the earliest period, a fertility god and the symbol of male potency. He was also the protector of the mines of the Eastern Desert. He was generally depicted standing holding his erect phallus with his left hand and holding a flail in his raised right hand. By the New Kingdom he was viewed as a primordial creator god. The Greeks associated Min with their god Pan.

Formerly in the collection of Paul and Helen Zuckerman, Detroit, acquired in the 1960's or 1970's.
Inv#: 5305
Guaranteed Authentic


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