Egyptian Alabaster Vessel

An ancient Egyptian banded alabaster vessel of ovoid form with a narrow flared rim and rounded bottom.

New Kingdom,
Ca. 1550 - 1069 BC.
Height: 5 1/4 in. (13.3 cm).

Alabaster was prized by the ancient Egyptians for its translucence and decorative veining, qualities which were further emphasized in the carving process. Vessels like these were often deposited in the tombs of wealthy Egyptians.

cf.: Brooklyn Museum, inv. no. 37.262E; Metropolitan Museum of Art, inv. nos. 44.4.82, 35.3.71, 16.10.389a,b.
Formerly in the E. Manning collection, acquired from a Westchester, New York estate.
Inv#: 7221
Guaranteed Authentic


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