Corinthian Hare Aryballos

An ancient Corinthian Greek pottery aryballos, an oil or fragrance vessel, in the form of a recumbent hare. The hare was a traditional gift from a mature male (erastes) to his younger male companion (eromenos). An aryballos filled with scented oil, in the form of a hare would have been such a gift.

Middle Corinthian, ca. 600 - 575 BC.
Length: 3 1/4 in. (8.2 cm).

The production of pottery from the northern Peloponnesian city of Corinth began around 720 BC and continued until about 550 BC. Corinthian clay is much more pale than the iron rich red clay of Athens in Attica that later supplanted it as the main Greek export ware in the Mediterranean.

Formerly with the Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, Japan, 1977, (Exhibition of Kokusai Bijutsu, No. 5, no. 57).
Exhibited: "Kokusai Bijutsu," No. 5, no. 57, Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, Japan, 1977.
Inv#: 8022
Guaranteed Authentic


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