Canosan Greek Kantharos

An ancient Canosan Greek large wine kantharos. The finely potted vase has an elegant form, with high arching handles and molded faces at the interior join to the rim. The handles have support struts and thumb spurs. The cylindrical body flares out to the rim and is set on a slender stem with a medial ridge and a stepped foot. The original polychrome decoration now lacking.

Canosa, Apulia, Magna Graecia, Southern Italy.
Ca. 330 - 300 BC.
Height: 8 1/4 in. (21 cm).

Canosa was a prosperous early Greek colony in Apulia. It became an important commercial center and producer of fine pottery in the Hellenistic Period.

cf.: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, inv no. 1909 (09.192.1).
Formerly in a European private collection, acquired in the late 1950s.
Inv#: 3252
Guaranteed Authentic


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