Apulian Red-Figure Skyphos

An ancient Apulian Greek large red-figrue skyphos, attributed to the Painter of Karlsruhe B9, depicting on one side a girl in a long chiton, pointing to her left and holding a disc or ball in her left hand. On the other side a seated nude male youth gestures with his right hand, with elaborate palmettes and tendrils below the handles.

Apulia, Magna Graecia, South Eastern Italy.
Ca. 380 - 360 BC.
Height: 8 1/4 in. (20.9 cm).

The output and quality of the Greek colonial potters working in Southern Italy increased greatly following the Peloponnesian War when Attic exports fell off sharply. South Italian Colonial Greek craftsmanship of the 4th century BC was an amalgamation of the Ionian (Athenian, Attic) conventions, and Doric (western colonial Greek) styles, with a noticeable native Italian aesthetic. The five predominant regional schools of South Italian pottery were: Apulian, Sicilian, Lucanian, Paestan, and Campanian.

Formerly in a Belgian private collection prior to 1980.
Inv#: 8062
Guaranteed Authentic


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