Apulian Red-Figure Krater

An ancient Apulian Greek red-figure bell-krater with a maenad seated upon a rocky outcrop holds a large flower. At left, a nude youth stands holding a thyrsos and large pyxis; his himation draped over his left arm; on the reverse, two draped youths.

Apulia, Magna Graecia, Southern Italy.
Ca. 350 - 300 BC.
Height: 12 in. (30.5 cm).
Formerly in the collection of Professor Alcibiades N. Oikonomides (d.1988), Chicago (Classics professor at Loyola University), acquired in the 1970s; subsequently, M.B. collection, California.
Published: J. Eisenberg, Art of the Ancient World, vol. XXI, (2010), no. 162.
Inv#: 9066
Guaranteed Authentic


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